Variation Rolls the Dice

A worldwide collage in honour of Salikoko S. Mufwene

| University of Amsterdam
| Simon Fraser University
ISBN 9789027209399 | EUR 105.00 | USD 158.00
ISBN 9789027259042 | EUR 105.00 | USD 158.00
Variation Rolls the Dice: A worldwide collage in honour of Salikoko S. Mufwene aims to celebrate Mufwene’s ground-breaking contribution to linguistics in the past four decades. The title also encapsulates his approach to language as both systemic and socio-cultural practices, and the role of variation in determining particular evolutionary trajectories in specific linguistic ecologies. The book therefore focuses on variation within and across languages, within and across speakers, and how this fundamental aspect of human behavior can affect language structure in time and space. Mufwene has been instrumental in putting creole languages on the map of General Linguistics and connecting their analysis to issues of language acquisition, multilingualism, language contact, language evolution, and language typology. Thanks to the diversity of topics and the wide-ranging theoretical persuasions of the contributors, this volume aims at a large readership including both scholars and advanced students interested in cutting-edge research in the aforementioned domains.
[Contact Language Library, 59]  2021.  xiv, 330 pp.
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Table of Contents
Acronyms and glosses
Introduction: Ecology rolls the dice
Enoch O. Aboh and Cécile B. Vigouroux
A sociolinguistic typology for languages in contact
William A. Croft
A local history of Tok Pisin : Language contact in Papua New Guinea
Gillian Sankoff
Conventionalized creativity in the emergence of a mixed language – A case study of Light Warlpiri
Carmel O'Shannessy
Acquisition or shift? Interpreting variation in Gurindji children’s expression of spatial relations
Vivien Dunn, Felicity Meakins and Cassandra Algy
Substrate influence in Northern Quechua languages
Pieter Muysken
Coordination in the Suriname Creoles: Comparing Nenge(e) and Matawai
Bettina Migge
Reflections on Darwin’s natural selection: A lens on variation, competition and change
Marlyse Baptista
Building grammar in the early stages of development of French Creoles: Insights from Second Language Acquisition
Georges Daniel Véronique
Foundings and futures: How to live like a Peranakan in the post-digital ecology
Lisa Lim and Umberto Ansaldo
Detecting loan words computationally
Liqin Zhang, Ray Fabri, John Nerbonne
Learnability and ecological factors as motivators of language change
Nour Efrat-Kowalsky
The restructuring of Salikoko Mufwene through competition and selection: A conversation between Salikoko Mufwene and Michel DeGraff
Michel DeGraff
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