Connectivity in Grammar and Discourse

| Middle East Technical University, Ankara and University of Hamburg
| Middle East Technical University, Ankara and University of Hamburg
| Middle East Technical University, Ankara and University of Hamburg
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In this collection of carefully selected papers connectivity is looked at from the vantage points of language contact, language change, language acquisition, multilingual communication and related domains based on various European and Non-European languages. From typological and multilingual perspectives the focus of investigation is on the grammatical architecture of a number of linguistic devices that interconnect units of text and discourse. The volume is organized along central concepts: A general section deals with connectivity in language change and language acquisition, subdivisions are devoted to pronouns, topics and subjects, the role of finiteness in text and discourse, coordination and subordination and particles, adverbials and constructions. The editors’ preface introduces connectivity as an object of linguistic research.
[Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism, 5]  2007.  viii, 465 pp.
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Table of Contents
Table of contents
Connectivity as an object of linguistics
Jochen Rehbein, Christiane Hohenstein and Lukas Pietsch
Aspects of language change and language acquisition
Grammaticalization of converb constructions: The case of Japanese -te conjunctive constructions
Masayoshi Shibatani
Contact, connectivity and language evolution
Yaron Matras
Allora: On the recurrence of function-word borrowing in contact situations with Italian as donor language
Thomas Stolz
Some notes on the syntax–pragmatics interface in bilingual children: German in contact with French / Italian
Natascha Müller
Pronouns, topics and subjects
Distribution and function of clitic object pronouns in popular16th-18th century Greek narratives: A synchronic and diachronic perspective
Chrystalla A. Thoma
Nominative subjects of non-finite clauses in Hiberno-English
Lukas Pietsch
Finiteness in text and discourse
Aspectotemporal connectivity in Turkic: Text construction, text subdivision, discourse types and taxis
Lars Johanson
Connectivity by means of finite elements in monolingual and bilingual Turkish discourse
Birsel Karakoç
Subordination – coordination
Alternative subordination strategies in Turkish
Celia Kerslake
Studying connectivity with the help of computer-readable corpora: Some exemplary analyses from modern and historical, written and spoken corpora
Nicole Baumgarten, Annette Herkenrath, Thomas Schmidt, Kai Wörner and Ludger Zeevaert
Discourse coordination in Turkish monolingual and Turkish-German bilingual children’s talk: işte
Annette Herkenrath
Adverbials, particles and constructions
Modal adverbs as discourse markers: A bilingual approach to the study of indeed
Karin Aijmer
„So, given this common theme...“: Linking constructions in discourse across languages
Kristin Bührig and Juliane House
An utterance-transcending connector: Particle to in utterance-final position in Japanese business reporting
Yuko Sugita
Between connectivity and modality: Reported speech in interpreter-mediated doctor-patient communication
Thomas Johnen and Bernd Meyer
Matrix constructions
Jochen Rehbein
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