Language Change at the Interfaces

Intrasentential and intersentential phenomena

| University of Wuppertal
| University of Göttingen
| Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
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This volume offers an up-to-date survey of linguistic phenomena at the interfaces between syntax and prosody, information structure and discourse – with a special focus on Germanic and Romance – and their role in language change. The contributions, set within the generative framework, discuss original data and provide new insights into the diachronic development of long-burning issues such as negation, word order, quantifiers, null subjects, aspectuality, the structure of the left periphery, and extraposition.

The first part of the volume explores interface phenomena at the intrasentential level, in which only clause-internal factors seem to play a significant role in determining diachronic change. The second part examines developments at the intersentential level involving a rearrangement of categories between at least two clausal domains.

The book will be of interest for scholars and students interested in generative accounts of language change phenomena at the interfaces, as well as for theoretical linguists in general.
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 275]  Expected June 2022.  viii, 252 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Interface phenomena and language change: Where we are and where we are going
Nicholas Catasso, Marco Coniglio and Chiara De Bastiani
Part I. Interface phenomena at the intrasentential level
Information structure and Jespersen’s cycle: The dialects of Veneto as a window on processes of language change
Giuseppe Magistro, Claudia Crocco and Anne Breitbarth
The object position in Old Norwegian: An interplay between syntax, prosody, and information structure
Juliane Tiemann
Bare quantifiers and Verb Second: The view from Old Italian
Silvia Rossi and Cecilia Poletto
On the role of information structure in the licensing of null subjects in Old High German: An analysis of null subjects in inti coordinated clauses in the Old High German Diatessaron
Federica Cognola
Part II. Interface phenomena at the intersentential level
Gehen as a new auxiliary in German
Katharina Paul, Maik Thalmann, Markus Steinbach and Marco Coniglio
Discourse-driven asymmetries between embedded interrogatives and relative clauses in West Germanic
Julia Bacskai-Atkari
Discourse relations and the German prefield
Augustin Speyer
Informational aspects of the extraposition of relative clauses
Sophia Voigtmann
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