Pragmatics of Accents

| Simon Fraser University, Canada
| Simon Fraser University, Canada
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ISBN 9789027258861 | EUR 95.00 | USD 143.00
What impact do accents have on our lives as we interact with one another? Are accents more than simple sets of phonetic features that allow us to differentiate from one dialect, variety or style, to the other? What power relationships are at work when we speak with what those around us perceive as an 'accent'? In the 12 chapters of this volume, an international group of sociolinguists, applied linguists, anthropologists, and scholars in media studies, develop an innovative approach that we describe as the ‘pragmatics of accents’. In this volume, we present a variety of languages and go beyond the traditional structural description of accents. From ideologies in national contexts, to L2 education, to accent discrimination in the media and the workplace, this volume embraces a new perspective that focuses on the use of accents as symbolic resources, and emphasizes the importance of context in the human experience of accents.
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 327]  2021.  vii, 266 pp.
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Table of Contents
The pragmatics of accents: Making meanings in interaction
Gaëlle Planchenault and Livia Poljak
Part 1. Ideologies of accents in national contexts
Attitudes to accents
Alexei Prikhodkine
Urban youth accents in France: Can a slight palatalization of /t/ and /d/ challenge French sociophonetics?
Cyril Trimaille and Maria Candea
Encountering accented others – and selves – in provincial Japan
Edwin K. Everhart
‘Could I have an appointment for a viewing?’: Language-based discrimination and apartment searches with different accents in Germany
Inke Du Bois
Part 2. Accents in second language education teaching and learning
The pragmatic force of second language accent in education
John M. Levis and Shannon McCrocklin
A lack of phonological inherentness: Perceptions of accents in UK education
Alex Baratta
English-language attitudes and identities in Spain: Accent variation and the negotiation of possible selves
Erin Carrie
Part 3. Accents in the media and the workplace
From I’m the One That I Want to Kim’s Convenience : The paradoxes and perils of implicit in-group “yellowvoicing”
Hye Seung Chung
Divine intervention: Multimodal pragmatics and unconventional opposition in performed character speech in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Emily Villanueva and Astrid Ensslin
In the ear of the beholder: How ethnicity of raters affects the perception of a foreign accent
Alexandra Besoi Setzer, Elena Nicoladis and C. Lorelei Baquiran
Concluding remarks
From sound to social meaning: Investigating the pragmatic dimensions of accents
Annette Boudreau and Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus
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