Creoles, their Substrates, and Language Typology

| University of Quebec at Montreal
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Since creole languages draw their properties from both their substrate and superstrate sources, the typological classification of creoles has long been a major issue for creolists, typologists, and linguists in general. Several contradictory proposals have been put forward in the literature. For example, creole languages typologically pair with their superstrate languages (Chaudenson 2003), with their substrate languages (Lefebvre 1998), or even, creole languages are alike (Bickerton 1984) such that they constitute a “definable typological class” (McWhorter 1998). This book contains 25 chapters bearing on detailed comparisons of some 30 creoles and their substrate languages. As the substrate languages of these creoles are typologically different, the detailed investigation of substrate features in the creoles leads to a particular answer to the question of how creoles should be classified typologically. The bulk of the data show that creoles reproduce the typological features of their substrate languages. This argues that creoles cannot be claimed to constitute a definable typological class.
[Typological Studies in Language, 95]  2011.  ix, 626 pp.
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Table of Contents
The problem of the typological classification of creoles
Claire Lefebvre
Creoles spoken in Africa and in the Caribbean
Èdó influence on Santome: Evidence from verb serialisation
Tjerk Hagemeijer and Ota Ogie
A Wolof trace in the verbal system of the Portuguese Creole of Santiago Island (Cape Verde)
Jürgen Lang
Substrate influences in Kriyol: Guinea-Bissau and Casamance Portuguese-related Creole
Alain Kihm
One substrate, two creoles: The development of segmental inventories in St. Lucian and Haitian
Anne-Marie Brousseau
Substrate features in the properties of verbs in three Atlantic creoles: Haitian Creole, Saramaccan and Papiamentu
Claire Lefebvre
Assessing the nature and role of substrate influence in the formation and development of the creoles of Suriname
Bettina Migge
African substratal influence on the counterfactual in Belizean Creole
Geneviève Escure
Substrate features in Nicaraguan, Providence and San Andrés Creole Englishes: A comparison with Twi
Angela Bartens
Palenque(ro): The search for its African substrate
Armin Schwegler
Creoles spoken in Asia
Convergence-to-substratum and the passives in Singapore English
Zhiming Bao
Tone in Singlish: Substrate features from Sinitic and Malay
Lisa Lim
The Cantonese substrate in China Coast Pidgin
Umberto Ansaldo, Stephen Matthews and Geoff P. Smith
Substrate influences in Mindanao Chabacano
Anthony P. Grant
Negation in Ternate Chabacano
Eeva Sippola
Aspect and directionality in Kupang Malay serial verb constructions: Calquing on the grammars of substrate languages
June Jacob and Charles E. Grimes
Sri Lanka Malay and its Lankan adstrates
Umberto Ansaldo
Dravidian features in the Sri Lankan Malay verb
Peter Slomanson
Creoles spoken in the Pacific
Papuan Malay of New Guinea: Melanesian influence on verb and clause structure
Mark Donohue
The influence of Arandic languages on Central Australian Aboriginal English
Harold Koch
Roper River Aboriginal language features in Australian Kriol: Considering semantic categories
Jennifer Munro
Substrate influences on New South Wales Pidgin: The origin of -im and -fela
Harold Koch
Limits of the substrate: Substrate grammatical influence in Solomon Islands Pijin
Angela Terrill
Substrate reinforcement and the retention of Pan-Pacific Pidgin features in modern contact varieties
Jeff Siegel
The copula in Hawai‘i Creole English and substrate reinforcement
Sarah J. Roberts
“On traduit la langue en français” Substrate influence in the TMA system of Tayo
Barbara Sandeman
Creoles and language typology
Bernard Comrie
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