Constructions in Contact 2

Language change, multilingual practices, and additional language acquisition

| University of Texas at Austin
| Kiel University
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The last few years have seen a steadily increasing interest in constructional approaches to language contact. This volume builds on previous constructionist work, in particular Diasystematic Construction Grammar (DCxG) and the volume Constructions in Contact (2018) and extends its methodology and insights in three major ways. First, it presents new constructional research on a wide range of language contact scenarios including Afrikaans, American Sign Language, English, French, Malayalam, Norwegian, Spanish, Welsh, as well as contact scenarios that involve typologically different languages. Second, it also addresses other types of scenarios that do not fall into the classic language contact category, such as multilingual practices and language acquisition as emerging multilingualism. Third, it aims to integrate constructionist views on language contact and multilingualism with other approaches that focus on structural, social, and cognitive aspects. The volume demonstrates that Construction Grammar is a framework particularly well suited for analyzing a wide variety of language contact phenomena from a usage-based perspective.
[Constructional Approaches to Language, 30]  2021.  vii, 437 pp.
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Table of Contents
Widening the scope: Recent trends in constructional contact linguistics
Hans C. Boas and Steffen Höder
Section 1. Constructions in multilingual practices
Idioconstructions in conflict: Ad hoc generalization in multilingual speech processing
Aileen Urban
“Ok, qui d’autre na, nobody on the line right now?” A Diasystematic Construction Grammar approach to discourse markers in bilingual Cajun speech
Samuel Bourgeois
Cognitive models of language contact: An integrated perspective of Diasystematic Construction Grammar and Cognitive Language Contact Phenotypes
Alexander Onysko
Section 2. Constructional change in language contact
A Diasystematic Construction Grammar analysis of language change in the Afrikaans and English finite verb complement clause construction
Bertus van Rooy
The Spanish verb-particle construction [V para atrás]: Disentangling constructional contact and change
Evelyn Wiesinger
Section 3. Language contact between typologically different languages
Non-Dravidian elements and (non)diasystematic change in Malayalam
Savithry Namboodiripad
Making one’s way in Welsh: Language contact and constructional change
Kevin J. Rottet
From letters to families: Initialized signs in American Sign Language
Ryan Lepic
Section 4. Multilingual constructions in language acquisition
Additional language acquisition as emerging multilingualism: A Construction Grammar approach
Steffen Höder, Julia Prentice and Sofia Tingsell
Something I was dealing with: Preposition placement in multilingual constructicons
Daniel Jach
Intensifying constructions in second language acquisition: A diasystematic-constructionist approach
Kristel Van Goethem and Isa Hendrikx
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“This volume is an inspiring example of the capacity of constructional approaches to deal with complex linguistic data and theoretical problems. The papers united here apply constructional models to tackle unsolved questions in language contact and other multilingual constellations like second language acquistion and additional language acquisition. Taking up what has been achieved in the field of language change, the scope of constructional models is expanded to the investigation of diasystemic constructions. A highly welcome and instructive read to everybody interested in the field!”
“This terrific volume calls attention to the importance of language contact in shaping the constructicon. The expert contributions showcase research which displays a number of interactions with other domains of enquiry in Construction Grammar. The book addresses numerous topics in multilingualism, drawing on an impressively diverse range of language families. It will be of tremendous interest to anyone interested in usage-based approaches to linguistic diversity.”
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