Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

The Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (JPCL) aims to provide a forum for the scholarly study of pidgins, creoles, and other contact language varieties, from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The journal places special emphasis on current research devoted to empirical description, theoretical issues, and the broader implications of the study of contact languages for theories of language acquisition and change, and for linguistic theory in general. The editors also encourage contributions that explore the application of linguistic research to language planning, education, and social reform, as well as studies that examine the role of contact languages in the social life and culture, including the literature, of their communities.

The journal has a companion series of books, the Contact Language Library, formerly Creole Language Library.

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Donald Winford | The Ohio State University
Associate Editor
Armin Schwegler | University of California, Irvine
Honorary Editor
Glenn Gilbert | Southern Illinois University, Emeritus
Editorial Assistant
Nandi Sims | The Ohio State University
Editorial Board
Peter Bakker | Aarhus University
Zhiming Bao | National University of Singapore
Marlyse Baptista | University of Michigan
Alan N. Baxter | Universidade Federal da Bahia
J. Clancy Clements | Indiana University
Viviane Déprez | Rutgers University
Geneviève Escure | University of Minnesota
Anthony P. Grant | Edge Hill University
Claire Lefebvre | Université du Québec à Montréal
John M. Lipski | The Pennsylvania State University
Victor Manfredi | Boston University
Stephen Matthews | The University of Hong Kong
John H. McWhorter | Columbia University
Bettina Migge | University College Dublin
Emmanuel Nikiema | University of Toronto Mississauga
Jonathan Owens | University of Bayreuth
Ingo Plag | Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Jeff Siegel | University of New England, Australia
Arthur K. Spears | City University of New York Graduate Center
Editorial Advisory Committee
Eric A. Anchimbe | Universität Bayreuth
Margot van den Berg | University of Utrecht
Anne-Marie Brousseau | University of Toronto
Dagmar Deuber | Universität Münster
Ana Deumert | University of Cape Town
Nicholas Faraclas | University of Puerto Rico
Tjerk Hagemeijer | Universidade de Lisboa
Bart Jacobs | Jagiellonian University, Krakow
Michelle Kennedy | The University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Alain Kihm | Université Paris-Diderot & CNRS
Charles C. Mann | Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa
Felicity Meakins | University of Queensland
Susanne Maria Michaelis | Universität Leipzig
Paul T. Roberge | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill & Stellenbosch University
Eric Louis Russell | University of California, Davis
Devyani Sharma | Queen Mary College, University of London
Eeva Sippola | University of Helsinki
Kofi Yakpo | Hong Kong University
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Contributions are welcomed from all countries. 

Manuscripts, for articles only, are reviewed anonymously by at least two competent scholars. Authors' identification should be provided on a separate sheet, giving the title, name of author(s) and affiliation, business and home addresses, email address, and telephone numbers. The title page of the article and all subsequent pages should not identify the author. If you do identify yourself in the body of the manuscript, by whatever means, we will not remove that identification. Authors will be informed within four months whether their article has been accepted for publication.
The only constraint on the length of articles is that they should be no longer than they need be. Authors must write concisely, avoiding excessive numbers of examples.

Short Notes are encouraged where the point can be made very briefly. They must be less than 1500 words (including references and endnotes) and should be identified as a Short Note, but they may also have a title of their own. We especially encourage Short Notes that are an elaboration of articles already published, as well as of the regular column that appears in the journal. These are not peer reviewed, a fact which will be stated. Unless you instruct us not to do so, Short Notes will also be placed on JPCL's website.

Book Reviews and Books for Review. We will normally invite reviews, but unsolicited reviews may be accepted. Unusually long, in-depth reviews are classified as review articles. The editors reserve the right to ask for revisions of reviews, or in rare cases, to decline to print a review altogether. Reviews should be written in English, and should normally be under 1500 words.

The editors reserve the right to introduce minor cuts and to amend the phrasing and punctuation in all items accepted for publication. Authors are requested to check their manuscripts very carefully before submitting them.

For the preparation of your manuscript, please follow these guidelines.

Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not previously been published, or is not being considered for publication elsewhere. If an author is publishing a related article elsewhere, this fact should be stated.

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Donald Winford John McWhorter
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