On the Acquisition of the Syntax of Romance

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This volume presents eleven papers on the acquisition of Romance, most of them presented at the Romance Turn VIII, held in Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain, in September 2016. Part I of the volume is devoted to passives and related constructions. The results unveil domains in comprehension in which children are adult-like, and other domains where there is delay. It is a challenge for current theoretical proposals to encompass such differences. Part II focuses on the TP-field, including clitics and negation. Part III deals with the CP-field, covering topics such as backward anaphora, subjects and the left periphery, and recursiveness. The volume includes studies carried out on a variety of populations: typically developing children, bilinguals, children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Specific Language Impairment, and heritage speakers, with a view to arriving at a general theory of language acquisition.
[Language Acquisition and Language Disorders, 62]  2018.  vi, 287 pp.
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Table of Contents
Anna Gavarró
Part I. The acquisition of subjects
French experiencer verbs and the Universal Freezing Hypothesis
Jason Borga and William Snyder
Discrimination of passive predicates by Brazilian Portuguese-speaking children
João Claudio de Lima Júnior, Marina Rosa Ana Augusto and Letícia M. Sicuro Corrêa
The acquisition of Spanish: The comparison between subject experiencer passives versus actional verbs and direct aspectual semantic evidence for the adjectival interpretation
Jesús Oliva and Kenneth Wexler
Favorable processing conditions in the production of passive sentences by Brazilian Portuguese-speaking children
João Claudio de Lima Júnior, Letícia M. Sicuro Corrêa and Marina Rosa Ana Augusto
Part II. The TP field
Clitic omission in bilingual Portuguese-Spanish acquisition
Marina Cestari Nardelli and Maria Lobo
Syntactic awareness of clitic pronouns and articles in French-speaking children with autism, specific language impairment and developmental dyslexia
Maria Teresa Guasti, Hélène Delage and Stephanie Durrleman
The comprehension of Italian negation in Mandarin-Italian sequential bilingual children
Shenai Hu, Maria Vender, Gaetano Fiorin and Denis Delfitto
Part III. The CP field and recursion
Subject position in Spanish as a heritage language in the Netherlands: External and internal interface factors
Brechje van Osch and Petra Sleeman
Acquisition of backward anaphora in European Portuguese by Chinese learners
Yi Zheng
Sentence repetition and language impairment in French-speaking children with ASD
Silvia Silleresi, Laurie Tuller, Hélène Delage, Stephanie Durrleman, Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, Joëlle Malvy and Philippe Prévost
On the comprehension of recursive nominal modifiers in child Romanian
Anca Sevcenco and Larisa Avram
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