Translation Studies: An Interdiscipline

Selected papers from the Translation Studies Congress, Vienna, 1992

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A selection of 44 papers out of the 163 presented at the Translation Studies Congress, which was held in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Institut für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer Ausbildung in Vienna, shows how translation studies is moving away from purely linguistic analysis into LSP, psychology, cognition, and cultural orientations. The volume is divided into sections reflecting the focal subject areas at the Congress: Translation, history and culture; Interpreting theory and training; Terminology and special languages; Teaching and training in translation. Also included are papers from a special workshop including interdisciplinary research projects from Vienna.
Of the articles, 25 are written in English, 16 in German, and 3 in French.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 2] 1994.  xii, 438 pp.
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