Figurative Meaning Construction in Thought and Language

| University of Genoa
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This volume brings together twelve usage-based studies conducted by leading researchers in language and cognition that explore core issues of figurativeness from the Cognitive Linguistics perspective.

The individual chapters reveal the central function of figurativeness in thought and its impact on language. Cognition relies on knowledge-structuring tools in the construction of meaning both mentally and linguistically. Collectively, the chapters delve into an array of topics that are crucial to future research in figurative meaning construction, especially on questions of identification and structure of figures, the figurative motivation of constructions, the impact of figurativeness on pragmatic and multimodal communication, and the correlation between figures and cognitive models.
[Figurative Thought and Language, 9]  Expected September 2020.  vii, 307 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Foreword and acknowledgements
Figurativeness all the way down: By way of introduction
Annalisa Baicchi
Part I. Figurativeness and theory
Metaphor thoughtfully
John Barnden
Separating (non-)figurative weeds from wheat
Mario Brdar, Rita Brdar-Szabó and Benedikt Perak
A multi-level view of metaphor and some of its advantages
Zoltán Kövecses
Part II. Figurativeness and constructions
Intensification via figurative language
Angeliki Athanasiadou
Falling to one’s death in multiple landscapes: From blending to typology
Cristiano Broccias
Metaphorical adjective-noun phrases in German journalese
Sabine De Knop
Metonymy meets coercion: The case of the intensification of nouns in attributive and predicative constructions in Spanish
Francisco Gonzálvez-García
Part III. Figurativeness, pragmaticity and multimodality
Sources of pragmatic effects in irony and hyperbole
Herbert L. Colston and Ann Carreno
Metaphorical interplay of words and gestures in the Catholic liturgy
Marcin Kuczok
Part IV. Typology of figures and cognitive models
Figures of speech revisited: Introducing syntonymy and syntaphor
Bogusław Bierwiaczonek
Cutting and breaking metaphors of the self and the Motivation & Sedimentation Model
Simon Devylder and Jordan Zlatev
The metonymic exploitation of descriptive, attitudinal, and regulatory scenarios in meaning making
Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez and Alicia Galera Masegosa
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