Aspects of Latin American Spanish Dialectology

In honor of Terrell A. Morgan

| Indiana University - Bloomington
| University of Texas at Austin
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This book focuses on contemporary sociolinguistic approaches to Spanish dialectology. Each of the authors draws on key issues of contemporary sociolinguistics, combining theoretical approaches with empirical data collection. Overall, these chapters address topics concerning language variation and change, sound production and perception, contact linguistics, language teaching, language policy, and ideologies. The authors urge us, as linguists, to take a stand on important issues and to continue applying theory to praxis so as to advance the frontiers of research in the field. This edited volume in honor of Professor Terrell A. Morgan is a means of celebrating an amazing friend, advisor, and human being, who has dedicated his career to teaching graduate and undergraduate students, performed key research in the field, and helped to further pedagogy in the classroom through his textbooks, seminars and websites.
[Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 32]  2021.  vi, 292 pp.
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Table of Contents
Introduction. Contemporary research on Latin American Spanish dialectology
Manuel Díaz-Campos and Sandro Sessarego
Section I. Aspects of morphosyntactic and pragmatic variation
Chapter 1. Between vos and usted : A sample of power negotiation in Nicaraguan Spanish during a baseball practice
Karen López Alonzo
Chapter 2. “Feel really Uruguayan” Group unity, stance, respect and politeness. Forms of address in advertisements and commercial documents in the Spanish of Montevideo
Diane R. Uber
Chapter 3. Variable constraints on se lo(s) in Mexican Spanish
Scott A. Schwenter and Mark R. Hoff
Chapter 4. Variation and pragmatic enrichment: Dar + gerund in Highland Ecuadorian Spanish
Christina García
Section II. Production, perception and sound system contact-driven restructuring
Chapter 5. Social perception of the variable realization of /tʃ/ in Chile
Amanda Boomershine and Stephanie Forgash
Chapter 6. Complex attitudes towards two sociolinguistic variables and their social meanings: Providing evidence from production and perception data in a speech community
Gibran Delgado-Díaz, Iraida Galarza and Manuel Díaz-Campos
Chapter 7. Declarative intonation in four Afro-Hispanic varieties: Phonological analysis and implications
David Korfhagen, Rajiv Rao and Sandro Sessarego
Chapter 8. ‘En esta petsa, este anio’: The Spanish sound system in contact with Miskitu
Whitney Chappell
Section III. Language ideologies, business and pedagogical implications
Chapter 9. Español neutro and marketing in Latin American and U.S. audiovisual media
Alicia Cipria
Chapter 10. Language policy and education in Peru: The central role of language ideologies in recent studies
Daniela Salcedo Arnaiz
Chapter 11. Twenty years of Guaraní-Spanish bilingual education in Paraguay
Shaw N. Gynan
Chapter 12. Bad grammar: The persistence of inadequate explanations
Patricia V. Lunn
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