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Ning Yu | Pennsylvania State University
Hongming Zhang | Macau University of Science and Technology
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Hongming Zhang | Macau University of Science and Technology
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International Journal of Chinese Linguistics is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal aims to publish high-quality scientific studies of Chinese linguistics and languages (including their dialects). With this aim, the journal serves as a forum for scholars and students in the world who study all areas of Chinese linguistics and languages from all theoretical perspectives. Studies to be published in this journal can be theoretical or applied, qualitative or quantitative, synchronic or diachronic, or any combinations of the above, and interface studies, such as those looking into syntax-semantics interface, syntax-phonology interface, semantics-pragmatics interface, are encouraged. As such, this is a comprehensive and general Chinese linguistics journal which serves as a true international forum for all Chinese linguistics scholars and students regardless of their theoretical and topical interests.
It is a bilingual journal and its official languages will be English and Chinese. This journal also upholds a double-blind peer-review policy.


ISSN: 2213-8706 | E-ISSN: 2213-8714
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Shuxiang You | Macau University of Science and Technology
Editorial Board
Zhiming Bao | National University of Singapore
Huba Bartos | Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Walter Bisang | University of Mainz
Redouane Djamouri | CRLAO, EHESS, Paris
San Duanmu | University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Ik-sang Eom | Hanyang University, Seoul
Jianhua Hu | Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
C.-T. James Huang | Harvard University
Ray Iwata | Kanazawa University
Thomas Hun-Tak Lee | The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yafei Li | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Yen-hui Audrey Li | University of Southern California
Chinfa Lien | National Tsing Hua University
Jo-wang Lin | Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica
Danqing Liu | Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Feng-hsi Liu | University of Arizona
Haihua Pan | The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jiaxuan Shen | Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Feng Shi | Nankai University
Rint Sybesma | Leiden University
Chiu-yu Tseng | Academia Sinica, Taipei
Hongjun Wang | Peking University
Jie Zhang | University of Kansas
Qingzhi Zhu | The Education University of Hong Kong
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