Topics in Theoretical Asian Linguistics

Studies in honor of John B. Whitman

| Ibaraki University
| Kobe University
| University of Washington
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Dedicated to John B. Whitman, this collection of seventeen articles provides a forum for cutting-edge theoretical research on a wide range of linguistic phenomena in a wide variety of Asian languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Austronesian, Indo-Aryan, and Thai. Ranging from syntax and morphology to semantics, acquisition, processing and phonology, from synchronic and/or diachronic perspectives, this collection reflects the breadth of the honoree’s research interests, which span multiple research subfields in numerous Asian languages.
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 250]  2018.  xx, 390 pp.
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Table of Contents
Kunio Nishiyama, Hideki Kishimoto and Edith Aldridge
List of works by John B. Whitman
Part I. Syntax and morphology
Chapter 1. On complement selection in Spanish and Japanese
Tomoyuki Yoshida
Chapter 2. The syntactic status of by-phrases in Korean and Japanese
Sang Doh Park
Chapter 3. Displaced modification: Picture-noun constructions in Marathi and Japanese
Hideki Kishimoto, Peter Edwin Hook and Prashant Pardeshi
Chapter 4. Some asymmetries of long distance scope assignment in Sinhala
Hideki Kishimoto
Chapter 5. Autosegmental evaluative morphology in Japanese: Augmentative and diminutive mimetics
Takashi Toyoshima
Part II. Interfaces
Chapter 6. On the distribution of the discourse particles -yo in Korean and -ne in Japanese
Changguk Yim and Yoshihito Dobashi
Chapter 7. Wh-indefinites in East Asian languages
Jiwon Yun
Part III. Diachrony
Chapter 8. Resultative and termination: A unified analysis of Middle Chinese VP-YI
Edith Aldridge and Barbara Meisterernst
Chapter 9. Differential argument marking and object movement in Old Japanese: A typological perspective
Yuko Yanagida
Chapter 10. Possessive nominal phrases in Lamaholot
Kunio Nishiyama
Part IV. Psycholinguistics
Chapter 11. An experimental study of children’s comprehension of lexical and productive causatives in Japanese
Kyoko Yamakoshi, Kaori Miura, Hanako Jorinbo, Kayoko Angata and Kaori Yamasaki
Chapter 12. Parsing Chinese relative clauses with structural and non-structural cues
Zhong Chen and John Hale
Part V. Phonology
Chapter 13. The inexorable spread of 〈ou〉 in Romanized Japanese
Timothy J. Vance
Chapter 14. Loanword accent of Kyungsang Korean: A moraic account
Haruo Kubozono
Chapter 15. The role of perceived similarity and contrast: English loanwords into Korean and Japanese
Hyun Kyung Hwang
Chapter 16. The status of schwa in Indonesian: Evidence from a naturalistic corpus
Abigail C. Cohn and Ferdinan Okki Kurniawan
Chapter 17. Quantitative and qualitative restrictions on the distribution of lexical tones in Thai: A diachronic study
Pittayawat Pittayaporn
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“It has become increasingly clear that to understand a phenomenon in one language often requires a close look at similar phenomena across a variety of languages, and not just across the synchronic space but also the diachronic as well. John Whitman's life work embodies precisely this message. The range of languages he has investigated is immense, and the enormous scholarship that went into this investigation gives his work a quality of unparalleled depth and breadth. The broad range of languages represented in this volume and the variety of fields they represent directly reflect the enthusiasm, dedication, and curiosity that John himself brings to the study of linguistics.”
“A fitting testament to John Whitman’s range of interests and influence, this book will be of interest to theoretical linguists as well as scholars of East Asian and South Asian languages.”
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