L1 Acquisition and L2 Learning

The view from Romance

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| University of Bucharest
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This volume includes fourteen papers on the acquisition of Romance languages, eleven of which were presented at the Romance Turn 9, held in Bucharest in September 2018. The studies offer new insights into central issues in the literature, such as syntactic complexity in both typical and impaired language settings, intervention effects, the acquisition of phenomena which involve both syntactic parameters and an external interface, as well as cross-linguistic interference effects. They present novel longitudinal and experimental data on the first language acquisition and second language learning of French, Italian, European and Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. A unique feature of this volume is the focus on the interaction of language specific properties and of factors which are not specific to the faculty of language in the narrow sense, such as data processing, the nature of the input, discourse structure, computational load, sociolinguistic properties, and the development of Theory of Mind.
[Language Acquisition and Language Disorders, 65]  2021.  vi, 380 pp.
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Table of Contents
Larisa Avram, Anca Sevcenco and Veronica Tomescu
Part 1. Syntactic complexity and intervention effects in the L1 acquisition of Romance
Chapter 1. Acquisition of clitic climbing by European Portuguese children
Maria Lobo and Inês Vitorino
Chapter 2. Strategies in the production of PP relative clauses in Brazilian Portuguese
Marina Rosa Ana Augusto, Erica Rodrigues and Elaine Grolla
Chapter 3. Cost-reducing strategies in the production of Brazilian Portuguese relative clauses: Language impairment in the syntactic domain
Letícia M. Sicuro Corrêa and Marina Rosa Ana Augusto
Chapter 4. Some thoughts on (the acquisition of) control
Ana Lúcia Santos
Chapter 5. The production of variable number agreement in Brazilian Portuguese: A procedural and developmental account
Ana Paula S.P. Jakubów and Letícia M. Sicuro Corrêa
Chapter 6. Assessing children’s syntactic proficiency through a sentence repetition task: A comparison between cochlear implanted children and typically developing children
Silvia D’Ortenzio and Francesca Volpato
Part 2. Crosslinguistic influence in 2L1 acquisition and L2 learning
Chapter 7. L1 effects in the L2 acquisition of long-distance binding in European Portuguese
Alexandra Fiéis and Ana Madeira
Chapter 8. On the nature of crosslinguistic influence: Root infinitives revisited
Juana M. Liceras and Raquel Fernández Fuertes
Chapter 9. Can explicit instruction help L2 learners overcome persistent L1 interference? The case of free inversion in L2 English
Joana Teixeira
Part 3. Language acquisition at the interface in various learning settings
Chapter 10. Combining Focus VS and Topic constructions: The acquisition of discourse and conversational dynamics strategies in child Italian
Mara Frascarelli and Tania Stortini
Chapter 11. Gender marking in L1 and L2 French: Syntactic complexity, lexical category and phonological expression
Marco Bril
Chapter 12. The acquisition of disjunction under negation and recursive ni in French
Maria Teresa Guasti, Elena Pagliarini and Stephanie Durrleman
Chapter 13. Deriving scalar implicatures with quantifiers by Romanian children
Adina Camelia Bleotu
Chapter 14. The acquisition of mood in child Spanish
Aoife K. Ahern and Vincent Torrens
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