Building Categories in Interaction

Linguistic resources at work

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| University of Pavia
| University of Turin
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This book addresses the topic of linguistic categorization from a novel perspective. While most of the early research has focused on how linguistic systems reflect some pre-existing ways of categorizing experience, the contributions included in this volume seek to understand how linguistic resources of various nature (prosodic cues, affixes, constructions, discourse markers, …) can be ‘put to work’ in order to actively build categories in discourse and in interaction, to achieve social goals. This question is addressed in different ways by researchers from different subfields of linguistics, including psycholinguistics, conversation analysis, linguistic typology and discourse pragmatics, and a major point of innovation is represented in fact by the interdisciplinary nature of the volume and in the systematic search for converging evidence.
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 220]  Expected December 2021.  vi, 467 pp.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Building categories in interaction: Theoretical and empirical perspectives
Caterina Mauri, Ilaria Fiorentini and Eugenio Goria
Chapter 2. Ad hoc categorization in linguistic interaction
Caterina Mauri
Chapter 3. Categories at the interface of cognition and action
Lawrence W. Barsalou
Chapter 4. Category-building lists between grammar and interaction: A constructionist view
Eugenio Goria and Francesca Masini
Chapter 5. Are new words predictable? A pilot study on the origin of neologies by means of natural selection
Dietmar Zaefferer
Chapter 6. The Camel Humps prosodic pattern: Listing for disaffiliating in spoken Hebrew
Nadav Matalon
Chapter 7. Making the implicit explicit: Free enrichment in interaction
Christine Paul
Chapter 8. Online text mapping: The contribution of verbless constructions in spoken Italian and French
Carmela Sammarco
Chapter 9. Exemplification in interaction: From reformulation to the creation of common ground
Alessandra Barotto and Maria Cristina Lo Baido
Chapter 10. The on-line construction of meaning in Mandarin Chinese: Focus on relative clauses
Giorgio Francesco Arcodia
Chapter 11. Et cetera, eccetera, etc. The development of a general extender from Latin to Italian
Ilaria Fiorentini and Elisabetta Magni
Chapter 12. Morphopragmatics of rhyming and imitative co-compounds in Russian
Anna Alexandrova and Valentina Benigni
Chapter 13. Encoding ad hoc categories in Georgian: Three types of echo-word constructions
Zaal Kikvidze
Chapter 14. French type-noun constructions based on genre : From the creation of ad hoc categories to ad hoc categorization
Wiltrud Mihatsch
Chapter 15. In a manner of speaking: The co-construction of manner in spoken Italian dialogues
Luisa Corona and Paola Pietrandrea
Chapter 16. Why it’s hard to construct ad hoc number concepts
Mira Ariel
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