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Translation Spaces is a biannual, peer-reviewed, indexed journal that recognizes the global impact of translation. It envisions translation as multi-dimensional phenomena productively studied (from) within complex spaces of encounter between knowledge, values, beliefs, and practices. These translation spaces -virtual and physical- are multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multilingual. They are the frontiers being explored by scholars investigating where and how translation practice and theory interact most dramatically with the evolving landscape of contemporary globalization.

The journal actively encourages researchers from diverse domains such as communication studies, technology, economics, commerce, law, politics, news, entertainment and the sciences to engage in translation scholarship. It explicitly aims to stimulate an ongoing interdisciplinary and inter-professional dialogue among diverse communities of research and practice.

Translation Spaces publishes two issues per year. The first issue (1) is open for thematic proposals from potential guest editors. The second issue (2) welcomes submissions that consider translation in terms of global dynamics impacted by the technologies used in diverse social, cultural, political, and legal settings, and by which they are transformed.

Translation Spaces publishes its articles Online First.

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Deborah A. Folaron | Concordia University, Canada
Dorothy Kenny | Dublin City University, Ireland
Consulting Editors
Yves Gambier | University of Turku & Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania
Anthony Pym | University of Melbourne, Australia & Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
Editorial Assistant
Catherine Landreville | Concordia University, Canada
Associate Editors
Salah Basalamah | University of Ottawa, Canada
Keiran J. Dunne | Kent State University, USA
Rita Kothari | Ashoka University, India
Sharon O'Brien | Dublin City University, Ireland
Minako O'Hagan | University of Auckland, New Zealand
Maeve Olohan | University of Manchester, UK
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Latest articles

14 January 2020

  • Language industry views on the profile of the post-editor
    Clara Ginovart Cid, Carme Colominas & Antoni Oliver
  • 5 November 2019

  • Towards a new methodological approach to social historiography of translation: A social network analysis perspective
    Nasrin Ashrafi, Mohammad Reza Hashemi & Hossein Akbari | TS 8:2 (2019) pp. 231–256
  • More than tweets: A critical reflection on developing and testing crisis machine translation technology
    Patrick Cadwell, Sharon O’Brien & Eric DeLuca | TS 8:2 (2019) pp. 300–333
  • Non-literary translation in Switzerland: Silence in print media
    Lucile Davier | TS 8:2 (2019) pp. 257–279
  • A connected history of audiovisual translation: Elements for consideration
    Yves Gambier & Haina Jin | TS 8:2 (2019) pp. 193–230
  • Translation, culture and politics: Implications of political slogans in Hong Kong
    Ling Yu Debbie Tsoi & Fung Ming Christy Liu | TS 8:2 (2019) pp. 280–299
  • 26 June 2019

  • The formulaicity of translations across EU institutional genres: A corpus-driven analysis of lexical bundles in translated and non-translated language
    Łucja Biel, Dariusz Koźbiał & Katarzyna Wasilewska | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 67–92
  • The challenge of multilingual ‘plain language’ in translation-mediated Swiss administrative communication: A preliminary comparative analysis of insurance leaflets
    Annarita Felici & Cornelia Griebel | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 167–191
  • A corpus-based study of terminological variation in business incorporation documents from the United States and Peru
    Mary Ann Monteagudo Medina | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 117–143
  • Procuração/power of attorney: A corpus-based translation-oriented analysis
    Tereza Passos e Sousa Marques Afonso & Maria do Céu Henriques de Bastos | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 144–166
  • When international case-law meets national law: A corpus-based study on Italian system-bound loan words in ECtHR judgments
    Katia Peruzzo | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 12–38
  • Building representative multi-genre corpora for legal and institutional translation research: The LETRINT approach to text categorization and stratified sampling
    Fernando Prieto Ramos, Giorgina Cerutti & Diego Guzmán | TS 8:1 (2019) p. 93
  • The use of corpora in legal and institutional translation studies: Directions and applications
    Fernando Prieto Ramos | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 1–11
  • Deontic modality in English-Thai legislative translation: A corpus-based study
    Mali Satthachai & Dorothy Kenny | TS 8:1 (2019) pp. 39–66
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    Call for Papers

    July 15, 2020

    Translation Spaces is currently accepting submissions that may be considered for online first publication and print publication in issue 10(2) in December 2021. Due to the high volume of submissions currently being received, and extraordinary pressures caused by the Covid-19 crisis, there may be delays in the refereeing process. Your patience is appreciated.
    Translation Spaces is also now calling for proposals to guest edit issue 11(1), to be published in July 2022. Information on how to submit a proposal for a guest-edited issue is available here.


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