Points of Convergence in Romance Linguistics

Papers selected from the 48th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL 48), Toronto, 25-28 April 2018

| York University
| York University
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This volume brings together selected papers from the 48th annual Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages, held at York University in Toronto, Canada, in April 2018. It presents original research on a wide variety of Romance languages both past (Latin, Old Catalan, Old Iberian Romance, Old Spanish, Old Portuguese, and West-Iberian Medieval Latin) and present (Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, French, Picard, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish) along with a number of contemporary dialects, including Basque Country Spanish, Dominican Spanish, Maine French, Neapolitan, and Picardie French. Divided into four sections — Interfaces, Bridging issues at the CP-TP-vP levels, Bridging issues at the PP-DP levels, and Bridging issues in linguistics — the volume gives researchers and advanced students access to contemporary issues and novel ideas bridging across various areas of Romance linguistics (e.g., morphology, syntax, semantics, phonology, sociolinguistics, first and second language acquisition).
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 360]  Expected April 2022.  vii, 272 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Gabriela Alboiu and Ruth King
A. Interfaces
Chapter 1. Picard subject clitics: An analysis at the interface of syntax, phonology, and prosody
Julie Auger
Chapter 2. A child’s view of Romance modification
Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux
Chapter 3. Definite determiners in Romance: The role of modification
Daniela Isac
B. Bridging issues at the CP-TP-vP levels
Chapter 4. Differential object marking, oblique morphology, and enriched case hierarchies
Monica Alexandrina Irimia
Chapter 5. A deletion account of referential null objects in Basque Spanish
Almike Vázquez-Lozares
Chapter 6. Same EPP, different null subject type
Julianne Doner and Çağrı Bilgin
Chapter 7. On (un)grammatical sequences of ses in Spanish
Jonathan E. MacDonald and Almike Vázquez-Lozares
Chapter 8. On the interpretation of the Spanish 1st person plural pronoun
Ángel L. Jiménez-Fernández and Mercedes Tubino-Blanco
C. Bridging issues at the PP-DP levels
Chapter 9. French ne … que exceptives in prepositional contexts
Jean-Marc Authier and Lisa A. Reed
Chapter 10. Interpreting reduplicated numerals in Old Ibero-Romance: A syntactic account
Alice Corr
Chapter 11. Value and cardinality in the evaluation of bare singulars in Brazilian Portuguese
Suzi Lima and Cristiane Oliveira
Chapter 12. Formality by distance in Spanish and Catalan
Gavin Bembridge and Andrew Peters
D. Bridging issues in linguistics
Chapter 13. Cyclical change in affixal negation
Elisabeth Gibert-Sotelo
Chapter 14. Code-mixing and semantico-pragmatic resources in francophone Maine: Meanings-in-use of yeah/yes and ouais/oui
Kendall Vogh
Chapter 15. Exceptionality and ungrammaticality in Spanish stress: A Stratal OT approach
Katerina Tetzloff
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