Boundaries, Phases and Interfaces

Case studies in honor of Violeta Demonte

| Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
| Ikerbasque and UPV/EHU
| Universidad de Alcalá
ISBN 9789027257222 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
ISBN 9789027265722 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
This book approaches the concept of boundary, central in linguistic theory, and the related notion of phase from the perspective of the interaction between syntax and its interfaces. A primary notion is that phases are the appropriate domains to explain most interface linguistic phenomena and that the study of (narrow) interfaces helps to understand conditions on the internal structure of the Language Faculty. The first part of this volume is dedicated to introducing the notion of boundary, cycle and phase, and also the current debates regarding internal interfaces, in particular, the syntax-phonology, syntax-semantics, syntax-discourse, syntax-morphology and syntax-lexicon interfaces, in order to show how the notion of boundary/phase is related to (or even determines) most of their characteristics. The four sections of the second part deal with (morpho)phonology/ syntax and the role or boundaries/phases; the syntax-discourse and syntax-semantics interface; and the lexicon-syntax interface, while the notion of boundary/phase cross-cuts the main topics addressed.
[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 239]  2017.  viii, 369 pp.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Boundaries, phases and interfaces
Elena Castroviejo Miró, Olga Fernández-Soriano and Isabel Pérez-Jiménez
Section 1. (Morpho)phonology-Syntax Interface
Syntacticizing blends: The case of English wh-raising
Lieven Danckaert and Liliane Haegeman
Does the verb raise to T in Spanish?
José Camacho and Liliana Sánchez
Locative DPs and deictic adverbs/pronouns in subject position in Brazilian Portuguese
Eloisa Silva Nascimento Pilati, Rozana Reigota Naves and Heloisa Maria M. Lima-Salles
A note on the syntax of possession in Paraguayan Guaraní
María Luisa Zubizarreta and Roumyana Pancheva
Section 2. Syntax-Semantics interface
Adverbial elatives in Caribbean Spanish
Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Melvin González-Rivera
On weak definites and their contribution to event kinds
M. Teresa Espinal and Sonia M. L. Cyrino
The grammaticalization of ‘big’ situations: The IMPF operator and perfective imperfects in Bulgarian
María Luisa Rivero, Ana Arregui and Nikolay Slavkov
On the scalar properties and telicity of degree achievements
Louise McNally
Section 3. Syntax-Discourse interface
Multiple Wh-Movement in European Spanish: Exploring the role of interface conditions for variation
Ángel J. Gallego
Subextraction at the Discourse-Grammar interface: A featural approach to island effects
Mara Frascarelli and Ángel L. Jiménez-Fernández
On the de se reading in the de se center shift in Korean: An account based on logophoric binding
Semoon Hoe and Dongsik Lim
Section 4. Lexicon-Syntax interface
Spanish participial adjectives and individual-level/stage-level interpretations in nominals
Karen Zagona and Heles Contreras
Two types of transitive verbs in Spanish: Ditransitives in disguise
Héctor Fernández-Alcalde
Grammatical categories at the Lexicon-Syntax-Semantics interface: The case of prepositions
Juan Romeu
State and change of state in Latin: A view from the Lexicon-Syntax interface
Jaume Mateu
“This exciting new book is both a major contribution to the study of syntactic interfaces and a fitting tribute to Violeta Demonte, who has contributed so much to putting linguistics in Spain on the map.”
“An impressive collection of topics and authors in honor of a remarkable and inspiring scholar, which will further our understanding of phases and interfaces.”
“The contributions to the volume offer an up-to-date picture of the research topics that professor Demonte has investigated with passion, taste and delicacy throughout her career.”
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