Dimensions of L2 Performance and Proficiency

Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency in SLA

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Research into complexity, accuracy and fluency (CAF) as basic dimensions of second language performance, proficiency and development has received increased attention in SLA. However, the larger picture in this field of research is often obscured by the breadth of scope, multiple objectives and lack of clarity as to how complexity, accuracy and fluency should be defined, operationalized and measured. The present volume showcases current research on CAF by bringing together eleven contributions from renowned international researchers in the field. These contributions not only add to the body of empirical knowledge about L2 use and L2 development by bringing new research findings to light but they also address fundamental theoretical and methodological issues by responding to questions about the nature, manifestation, development and assessment of CAF as multifaceted constructs. Collectively, the chapters in this book illustrate the converging and sometimes diverging approaches that different disciplines bring to CAF research.
[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 32]  2012.  xii, 305 pp.
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Table of Contents
Table of contents
Notes on contributors
Complexity, accuracy and fluency: Definitions, measurement and research
Alex Housen, Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder
Defining and operationalising L2 complexity
Bram Bulté and Alex Housen
Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency from the perspective of psycholinguistic Second Language Acquisition research
Richard J. Towell
Complexity, accuracy and fluency: The role played by formulaic sequences in early interlanguage development
Florence Myles
The growth of complexity and accuracy in L2 French: Past observations and recent applications of developmental stages
Malin Ågren, Jonas Granfeldt and Suzanne Schlyter
The effect of task complexity on functional adequacy, fluency and lexical diversity in speaking performances of native and non-native speakers
Nivja de Jong, Margarita P. Steinel, Arjen F. Florijn, Rob Schoonen and Jan H. Hulstijn
Syntactic complexity, lexical variation and accuracy as a function of task complexity and proficiency level in L2 writing and speaking
Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder
The effects of cognitive task complexity on L2 oral production
Mayya Levkina and Roger Gilabert
Complexity, accuracy, fluency and lexis in task-based performance: A synthesis of the Ealing research
Peter Skehan and Pauline Foster
Measuring and perceiving changes in oral complexity, accuracy and fluency: Examining instructed learners’ short-term gains
Alan Paul Tonkyn
The development of complexity, accuracy and fluency in the written production of L2 French
Cecilia Gunnarsson-Largy
A longitudinal study of complexity, accuracy and fluency variation in second language development
Stefania Ferrari
Alex Housen, Folkert Kuiken and Ineke Vedder
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