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It is now an acknowledged fact in the world of linguistics that the concept of evaluation is crucial, and that there is very little – if any – discourse that cannot be analyzed through the prism of its evaluative content. This book presents some of the latest developments in the study of this phenomenon. Released more than a decade later than Hunston and Thompson’s (2000) Evaluation in Text, Evaluation in Context is designed as its sequel, in an attempt to continue, update and extend the different avenues of research opened by the earlier work. Both theoretical and empirical studies on the topic are presented, with the intention of scrutinizing as many of its dimensions as possible, by not only looking at evaluative texts, but also considering the aspects of the discursive context that affect the final evaluative meaning at both the production and reception stages of the evaluative act. The editors’ main objective has been to gather contributions which investigate the manifold faces and phases of evaluation by presenting a wide variety of perspectives that include different linguistic theories (e.g. Axiological Semantics, Functionalism or Politeness Theory), different levels of linguistic description (e.g. phonological, lexical or semantic), and different text types and contexts (e.g. the evaluation found in ironic discourse, the multimodality of media discourse or the world of politics, just to name a few). The volume can be of use not only for scholars who study the evaluative function of language, but also for students who wish to pursue research in the area.
[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 242]  2014.  xi, 418 pp.
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Table of Contents
Section 1: Introduction
The many faces and phases of evaluation
Laura Alba-Juez and Geoff Thompson †
Section 2: Theoretical considerations and approaches to evaluation
The emergence of axiology as a key parameter in modern linguistics: A review of significant contributions from the 1950s to the 1980s
Ángel Felices-Lago
AFFECT and emotion, target-value mismatches, and Russian dolls: refining the APPRAISAL model
Geoff Thompson †
Appraising Appraisal
Mary Macken-Horarik and Anne R. Isaac
The evaluative palette of verbal irony
Laura Alba-Juez and Salvatore Attardo
The implementation of the axiological parameter in a verbal subontology for natural language processing
Ángel Felices-Lago and María Enriqueta Cortés-de-los-Ríos
The evaluative function of situation-bound utterances in intercultural interaction
Istvan Kecskes
Prosody, information structure and evaluation
M. Victoria Escandell-Vidal, Victoria Marrero Aguiar and Pilar Pérez Ocón
The evaluation of intonation: pitch range differences in English and in Spanish
Eva Estebas-Vilaplana
Section 3: Evaluation in different contexts
“An astonishing season of destiny!” Evaluation in blurbs used for advertising TV series
Monika Bednarek
Graduation within the scope of Attitude in English and Spanish consumer reviews of books and movies
Marta Carretero and Maite Taboada
Register diversification in evaluative language: the case of scientific writing
Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb and Elke Teich
The role of negative-modal synergies in Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species
Laura Hidalgo-Downing
Exploring academic argumentation in course-related blogs through ENGAGEMENT
Marianna Ryshina-Pankova
Multimodal analysis of controversy in the media
Ruth Breeze
The expression of evaluation in weekly news magazines in English
Elena Martínez Caro
Evaluative phraseological choice and speaker party/gender: A corpus-assisted comparative study of ‘register-idiosyncratic’ meaning in Congressional debate
Donna R. Miller and Jane H. Johnson
Evaluation in emotion narratives
Manuela Romano
Evaluative discourse and politeness in university students' communication through social networking sites
Carmen Santamaría García
“Two world experts in text, context and discourse have come together to assemble a book that is a milestone in the study of evaluative language. Evaluation in Context references but also utterly transcends a long history of earlier treatments of how texts are imbued with values, emphasizing that evaluation is much richer and more multidimensional than was thought. It emerges as a dynamic process that involves all facets of language use and permeates speech, writing and e-communication. A treasure trove for linguists, discourse analysts, psychologists, sociologists and many more.”
“This book expands the study of evaluation in a number of important ways. It not only brings the work in Evaluation in Text up to date, but extends it backwards in time too, explaining the relevance of classical approaches to current ones. It diversifies the study of evaluation into a variety of languages, into new media registers, and into a range of linguistic theories. I shall be recommending the volume as essential reading for all researchers working with evaluation.”
Evaluation in Context provides a comprehensive overview of emerging research on evaluation and contributes novel perspectives on this phenomenon, shedding light on aspects that had not been systematically analysed before. [...] the wide variety of theoretical frameworks and methods represented in the book make it a valuable resource and a rich source of inspiration for scholars interested in exploring the multiple faces and phases of evaluation in discourse.”
Evaluation in Context strengthens the fabric of research into evaluation and, despite its recent emergence on the market, serves as a matrix of reference where to insert works devoted to more restrictively focused tokens, such as academic and specialised professional texts, the former being a notably fertile research ground.”
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