Extravagant Morphology

Studies in rule-bending, pattern-extending and theory-challenging morpohology

| University of Mainz
| University of Bergen
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ISBN 9789027257956 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
Taking extra-vagans literally (Lat. ‘wandering outside, out of bounds’), this volume comprises nine case studies on extravagant morphology ranging from pattern-extending derivational processes via theory-challenging compounding processes to interface-straddling morphosyntactic phenomena. As a heuristic approach, morphological extravagance captures word-formation processes characterised by constraint violations, interface phenomena as well as borderline phenomena not easily reconcilable with traditional postulates of morphological accounts. In this regard, the notion of extravagance allows for an exploration of rule-bending language use both empirically and theoretically. The volume makes a valuable contribution to studies on morphological variation, which has only recently seen a renewed and growing interest in morphological phenomena that challenge morphological frameworks. The volume is of interest to all researchers who seek to gain a broader understanding of the mechanisms and factors at work in morphological variation and who are interested in the reassessment of morphological theorising in light of empirical data.
[Studies in Language Companion Series, 223]  Expected May 2022.  v, 254 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
This is a provisional table of contents, and subject to changes.
Extravagance in morphology: Introduction
Matthias Eitelmann and Dagmar Haumann
What’s extravagant about be-sandal-ed feet? Morphology, semantics and pragmatics of German pseudo-participles
Luise Kempf and Stefan Hartmann
Extravagance, productivity and the development of -ingly adverbs
Kristin Killie
Diggers-out, leaf clearer-uppers and stayer-onner-for-nowers : On creativity and extravagance in English -er nominalisations
Anke Lensch
The extravagant dutch suffix -ke and its meandering through the interfaces
Marijke De Belder
Linguistic extravagance in compounds and idioms – an analysis of morphological marking
Leah S. Bauke
Extravagant expressions denoting quite normal entities: Identical constituent compounds in German
Maximilian Frankowsky
DO NOT REPEAT: Repetition and reduplication in German revisited
Gerrit Kentner
They’re proing it up hardcore: An analysis of the V it up construction1
Ulrike Schneider
Wild words: The case of morphologically embedded general extenders
Francesca Masini and Simone Mattiola
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