Sociocultural Aspects of Translating and Interpreting

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Translation Studies has recently been searching for connections with Cultural Studies and Sociology. This volume brings together a range of ways in which the disciplines can be related, particularly with respect to research methodologies. The key aspects covered are the agents behind translation, the social histories revealed by translations, the perceived roles and values of translators in social contexts, the hidden power relations structuring publication contexts, and the need to review basic concepts of the way social and cultural systems work. Special importance is placed on Community Interpreting as a field of social complexity, the lessons of which can be applied in many other areas. The volume studies translators and interpreters working in a wide range of contexts, ranging from censorship in East Germany to English translations in Gujarat. Major contributions are made by Agnès Whitfield, Daniel Gagnon, Franz Pöchhacker, Michaela Wolf, Pekka Kujamäki and Rita Kothari, with an extensive introduction on methodology by Anthony Pym.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 67]  2006.  viii, 255 pp.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: On the social and cultural in translation studies
Anthony Pym
Agents behind translation
Trends in the translation of a minority language: The case of Dutch
Stella Linn
“Of course Germans have a certain interest in Finland, but…” Openness to Finnish literature in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s
Pekka Kujamäki
Translation from the point of view of the East German censorship files
Gaby Thomson-Wohlgemuth
Social histories
Choosing not to translate: Zero translations in the first Portuguese Robinson Crusoe
Maria Goreti Monteiro
From Robinson Crusoe to Robinson in Wallachia : The intricacies of the reception process
Rodica Dimitriu
Perceived roles and values
Translating from across the channel in nineteenth-century France: Philarète Chasles, Thackeray and Jules Janin
Gabriel Louis Moyal
English translation in Gujarat: Emerging consensus
Rita Kothari
Interaction of inner and outer contexts
Between Translation and Traduction : The many paradoxes of Deux Solitudes
Agnes Whitfield
Bilingual translation/writing as intercultural communication
Daniel Gagnon
Power relations disclosed
The female state of the art: Women in the “translation field”
Michaela Wolf
Translation as discursive import: Changes in the transfer of proper nouns in Latvian
Ieva Zauberga
Power distribution and cooperation
“Translation culture” in interpreted asylum hearings
Sonja Pöllabauer
Interpreting at an immigration detention center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Communication and power
Guillermo R. Navarro Montesdeoca
Negotiating linguistic and cultural identities in interpreter-mediated communication for public health services
Mette Rudvin
Constructing systems
Babel rebuilt: A survey of social welfare institutions and interpreting and translation services in Flanders
Katrien Lannoy and Jan Van Gucht
From 10-minute wedding ceremonies to three-week spa treatment programs: Reconstructing the system of sign language interpreting in Styria
Nadja Grbić
The view from Interpreting Studies
“Going social?” On pathways and paradigms in interpreting studies
Franz Pöchhacker
Notes on contributors
Sociocultural Aspects offers a valuable insight into trends in translation and interpreting studies, in particular by emphasising community interpreting and therefore indicating that IS is nowadays in many respects at the forefront of translatological research. With its fine range of informative and argumentative articles, Sociocultural Aspects is a versatile and useful collection that provides provocative and interesting reading.”
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