Aproximació a l'altre / An approach to the other

Biografies, semblances i retrats / Biographies, resemblances and portraits

| University of Alicante
| University of Alicante
| University of Alicante
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The different contributions included in this volume deal with aspects of biographical writing and other similar genres (semblances, portraits, etc.). These articles analyze theoretical and generic questions as well as some of the most relevant examples of the genre – with a focus on those written in Catalan. In addition, some of the articles focus on the relationship between biography and national images (nation-building) from a sociocultural standpoint.

The Research Group on Contemporary Literature from the Universitat d’Alacant has gathered contributions from several specialists in numerous fields and has selected a group of relevant works for analysis. In addition to studies on authors such as André Maurois and Lytton Strachey, contributions deal with figures such as Josep Pla, Domènec Guansé, Josep Maria Espinàs and Agustí Pons. Finally, some contributions pay attention to the biographical genre in the audiovisual arts.

The volume contains contributions in Spanish, English, and Catalan.
[IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature, 11]  2015.  xviii, 162 pp.
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Table of Contents
Estudiar la biografia
Enric Balaguer, Maria Jesús Francés and Vicent Vidal
Studying the biography
Enric Balaguer, Maria Jesús Francés and Vicent Vidal
Qüestions teòriques i genèriques / Generic and theoretical questions
La nova biografia: Definició i periodització
Jordi Amat sobre
Un nuevo modelo de discursobiográfico: los casos clínicosliteraturizados de Oliver Sacks
Vicent Salvador
Collage, muntatge i alters estratègies a Alemanys, de Walter Benjamin
Eduard Cairol
El meu avi: An innovative television biography
Joaquim Espinós
Dissidence and market: Masculinity in pop-rock biopics
Antoni Maestre
Dialogue as a biographical strategy: Books of conversations in contemporary Valencian biography
Joan Borja
Tracing the author or how theory constitutes an auto(bio)graph
Meri Torras
Retratistes, retratats i retratades / Portrait writers and people portrayed
Seixanta anys de biografisme en català (1953-2013): Aproximació i repertori
Llorenç Soldevila
El retrat en la carrera del jove Josep Pla
Lluís Bonada
Els Retrats literarisde Domènec Guansé
Montserrat Corretger and Francesc Foguet
Study of two texts on Eugeni d’Ors by Josep Pla and Joan Fuster
Gonzal Lopez-Pampló
La biografia com a alteritat. Retrats i biografies en l'obra de Marta Pessarrodona
Ángels Gregori
The Art of Conversation: Dialogic literary portraits in Montserrat Roig’s journalistic work
Maria Àngels Francés
Lives, portraits and likenesses in the work of Josep M. Espinàs
Anna Esteve
Biografies, ideologia i imaginaris col•lectius / Biographies, ideology and collective imagery
Catalan national identity and popular biographies from Editorial Alcides
Isabel Marcillas
Siluetes de Catalans, de Rovira i Virgili
Xavier Ferré
Las biografías de Carmen Sylva, la reina escritora de Rumanía
Bàrbara Fraticelli
Un demòcrata heterodox, federalista i devot del magnetism: J. Antonio Llinàs (1789–1854)
Jordi Roca Vernet
Índex de conceptes
Índex d’antropònims
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“This is a serious book dealing with a well-timed subject, which accomplishes previous efforts by this research group. It is an important contribution to the study of biography.”
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