Language Experience in Second Language Speech Learning

In honor of James Emil Flege

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| Simon Fraser University
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This stimulating collection of articles from leading international researchers provides a state-of-the-art overview of core issues in second language speech perception and production. Aimed at phoneticians, speech scientists, psycholinguists, applied linguists, and pedagogical specialists, it presents engaging discussions of fundamental problems and controversies within the field, as well as new empirical findings arising from a variety of methodological approaches. Its twenty chapters, inspired by the ground-breaking work of James E. Flege, address such topics as the theoretical underpinnings of second language speech learning; the nature and etiology of foreign accents; the effects of age, experience, and training; speech intelligibility; and the acquisition of vowels, consonants, tone, and prosody. This volume will serve as a valuable resource, not only for researchers, but for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of an area of linguistics that is rapidly growing in importance.
[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 17]  2007.  xvii, 406 pp.
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James Emil Flege
PART I: The nature of L2 speech learning
The study of second language speech learning: A brief overview
Murray J. Munro and Ocke-Schwen Bohn
Nonnative and second-language speech perception: Commonalities and complementarities
Catherine T. Best and Michael D. Tyler
Cross-language phonetic similarity of vowels: Theoretical and methodological issues
Winifred Strange
Investigating the role of attention in phonetic learning
Susan G. Guion and Eric Pederson
You are what you eat phonetically: The effect of linguistic experience on the perception of foreign vowels
Elaina M. Frieda and Takeshi Nozawa
PART II: The concept of foreign accent
Nativelike pronunciation among late learners of French as a second language
David Birdsong
Second language acquisition of a regional dialect of American English by native Japanese speakers
Robert Allen Fox and Julie Tevis McGory
Acoustic variability and perceptual learning: The case of non-native accented speech
Allard Jongman and Travis Wade
PART III: Consonants and vowels
Strategies for Realization of L2-Categories: English /s/ — /z/
Robert McAllister
Temporal remnants from Mandarin in nonnative English speech
Yue Wang and Dawn Behne
Cross-language consonant identification: English and Korean
Anna Marie Schmidt
The relationship between identification and discrimination in cross-language perception: The case of Korean and Thai
Ratree Wayland
PART IV: Beyond consonants and vowels
Music and language learning: Effect of musical training on learning L2 speech contrasts
Terry L. Gottfried
Behavioral and cortical effects of learning a second language: The acquisition of tone
Joan A. Sereno and Yue Wang
The perception of tones and phones
Denis Burnham and Karen Mattock
Prosody in second language acquisition: Acoustic analyses of duration and F0 range
Katsura Aoyama and Susan G. Guion
PART V: Emerging issues
Implications of James E. Flege’s research for the foreign language classroom
Thorsten Piske
Speech learning, lexical reorganization, and the development of word recognition by native and non-native English speakers
Amanda C. Walley
Phonemic errors in different word positions and their effects on intelligibility of non-native speech: All’s well that begins well
Tessa Bent, Ann R. Bradlow and Bruce L. Smith
The graphical basis of phones and phonemes
Robert F. Port
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