Constructing a Sociology of Translation

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The view of translation as a socially regulated activity has opened up a broad field of research in the last few years. This volume deals with central questions of the new domain and aims to contribute to the conceptualisation of a general sociology of translation. Interdisciplinary in approach, it discusses the role of major representatives of sociology like Pierre Bourdieu, Bruno Latour, Bernard Lahire, Anthony Giddens or Niklas Luhmann in establishing a theoretical framework for a sociology of translation. Drawing on methodologies from sociology and integrating them into translation studies, the book questions some of the established categories in this discipline and calls for a redefinition of long-assumed principles. The contributions show the social involvement of translation in various fields and focus especially on the translator’s position in an emerging sociology of translation, Bourdieu’s influence in conceptualising this new sub-discipline, methodological questions and a sociologically oriented meta-discussion of translation studies.
[Benjamins Translation Library, 74]  2007.  vi, 226 pp.
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Table of Contents
Introduction: The emergence of a sociology of translation
Michaela Wolf
Part I. The debate on the translator's position in an emerging sociology of translation
Priests, princes and pariahs: Constructing the professional field of translation
Erich Prunč
Translation, irritation and resonance
Theo Hermans
Part II. Bourdieu's influence in conceptualising a sociology of translation
Objectivation, réflexivité et traduction: Pour une re-lecture bourdieusienne de la traduction
Jean-Marc Gouanvic
Outline for a sociology of translation: Current issues and future prospects
Johan Heilbron and Gisèle Sapiro
The location of the 'translation field': Negotiating borderlines between Pierre Bourdieu and Homi Bhabha
Michaela Wolf
Part III. Mapping the field: Issues of method and translation practice
Locating systems and individuals in translation studies
Mirella Agorni
Translations 'in the making'
Hélène Buzelin
Bridge concepts in translation sociology
Andrew Chesterman
Part IV. Constructing a sociology of translation studies: Overview and perspectives
Between sociology and history: Method in context and in practice
Daniel Simeoni
Y a-t-il place pour une socio-traductologie?
Yves Gambier
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Constructing a Sociology of Translation is an important contribution to the improvement of the conjunction of translation studies and sociology on a methodological basis. What is distinctive about this book is that it draws on the theories of significant sociologists in setting up a theoretical framework for a sociology of translation. The originality of the book stems from its interdisciplinary approach that helps the reader scrutinise the translator's position in a nascent sociology of translation. Each article is smart, cogent and thorough, and the volume will most certainly become a key text in helping scholars navigate a sociologically inspired meta-discussion of translation studies. [...] All in all, Constructing a Sociology of Translation is a rich source of theory and practice regarding an emerging sociology of translation studies. It is very well written and easy to read. It will be extremely useful as a reliable source of information for students and scholars in translation studies, besides being of interest to anyone who is curious about sociology.”
“This book is a valuable contribution to the emerging field of the sociology of translation. The thorough introduction by Michaela Wolf situates the book within past and present Translation Studies, and the contributions offer stimulating ideas of routes to explore further in the future. Recommended reading for anyone interested in the social aspects of translating.”
“The domain of “translation as a social practice” has been under construction for the last three decades. With this book, the outlines of a sociology of translation are finally beginning to come into view.”
“Nothing easier than the translational deconstruction of closed social identities. Nothing harder, however, than to reconstruct the social spaces in which translators might actually do this. This book presents 9 voyages to the hidden plateaux of cultural intermediaries. The points of departure and conclusion are very different, the degrees of adventure are diverse, but together they help us map out a new and much-needed sociology, beyond closed societies.”
“This book raises many important questions about translation and Translation Studies as a social practice [...] The book is a very welcome contribution and the most convincing proof to date of the emergence of a social (and sociological) turn in Translation Studies.”
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