Sensory Experiences

Exploring meaning and the senses

| Centre National de Recherches Scientifique (CNRS) Paris, France
| University of Orléans, France
| University of Groningen, The Netherlands
| Junia/ISEN Lille, France
| McGill University Montréal, Canada
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Sensory Experiences: Exploring meaning and the senses describes the collective elaboration of a situated cognitive approach with an emphasis on the relations between language and cognition within and across different sensory modalities and practices. This approach, grounded in 40 years of empirical research, is a departure from the analytic, reductive view of human experiences as information processing.

The book is structured into two parts. Each author first introduces the situated cognitive approach from their respective sensory domains (vision, audition, olfaction, gustation). The second part is the collective effort to derive methodological guidelines respecting the ecological validity of experimental investigations while formulating operational answers to applied questions (such as the sensory quality of environments and product design).

This book will be of interest to students, researchers and practitioners dealing with sensory experiences and anyone who wants to understand and celebrate the cultural diversity of human productions that make life enjoyable!

[Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research, 24]  Expected November 2021.  xxvi, 586 pp. + index
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Table of Contents
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Prologue: Making sense of and with the senses
David Howes
Part I. Theoretical frameworks and some empirical results
Chapter 1. The five senses and the cognitivist approach to perception
Danièle Dubois, Caroline Cance, Matt Coler and Arthur Paté
Chapter 2. Visual experience of the road for safe driving
Danièle Dubois
Chapter 3. Experiencing and talking about colors
Caroline Cance
Chapter 4. Exploring soundscapes
Catherine Guastavino
Chapter 5. Exploring speech experiences: Linguists, speakers, sounds and meanings
Matt Coler
Chapter 6. Exploring and talking about music
Arthur Paté and Pascal Gaillard
Chapter 7. Smell: An unspeakable sensory experience?
Danièle Dubois
Chapter 8. Taste as a holisensory experience
Danièle Dubois and Caroline Cance
Chapter 9. From perception to sensory experiences: A paradigm shift
Danièle Dubois, Caroline Cance, Matt Coler, Arthur Paté and Catherine Guastavino
Part II. Methodological consequences and guidelines
Chapter 10. Questioning sensory experience
Danièle Dubois, Caroline Cance, Matt Coler, Arthur Paté and Catherine Guastavino
Chapter 11. Subjects or participants?
Danièle Dubois, Caroline Cance and Matt Coler
Chapter 12. From stimulations to stimuli construction and selection
Caroline Cance, Danièle Dubois, Arthur Paté and Matt Coler
Chapter 13. Procedures and outcomes
Danièle Dubois, Caroline Cance and Arthur Paté
Chapter 14. Making sense of the outcomes
Caroline Cance, Danièle Dubois and Matt Coler
Chapter 15. Free sorting task for exploring sensory categories
Arthur Paté, Danièle Dubois and Catherine Guastavino
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