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The Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education (JICB)invites research and theoretical papers related to all levels (from pre-Kindergarten to university) of language education contexts in which language is used as the vehicle to teach subject matter content, including but not limited to: bi- and multilingual education; all forms of language immersion education that strive for additive bilingualism; subject-matter driven minority, heritage, and Indigenous language education; dual language education; content-based language instruction (CBI); content and language integrated learning (CLIL); English-medium instruction (EMI); language across the curriculum; sheltered English as a second language (ESL); language for specific and academic purposes. More details can be found in the general submission guidelines.

JICB editors welcome submissions that report on empirical research and/or offer theoretical discussions, with a preference for innovative submissions that push the field forward and generate new knowledge. The content of the journal is geographically broad and multidisciplinary (e.g., education; applied linguistics; anthropology; sociology; psychology; speech, language, hearing sciences; language policy and planning; etc.). The JICB supports the use of a wide range of research methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, action research).

Peer Review Policy: All articles submitted to this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and blind review by at least two anonymous referees.

JICB publishes its articles Online First.

ISSN: 2212-8433 | E-ISSN: 2212-8441
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Latest articles

19 April 2024

  • Carol Griffiths . 2023. The Practice of English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) Around the World
    Reviewed by Flor de Lis González-Mujico Alberto Fernández-Costales | JICB 12:1 (2024) pp. 125–129
  • 8 April 2024

  • Fluctuating cognitive benefits in children attending early bilingual immersive instruction
    Cristina-Anca Barbu , Sophie Gillet Martine Poncelet
  • 14 March 2024

  • Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer (editor). 2023. Linguistic Landscapes in Language and Teacher Education. Multilingual Teaching and Learning Inside and Beyond the Classroom
    Reviewed by Yanru Xin Cécile Bullock | JICB 12:1 (2024) pp. 130–133
  • 2 February 2024

  • A scoping review of the literature on content and language integrated learning assessment
    Weijun Liang Yanjun Wu | JICB 12:1 (2024) pp. 101–124
  • The impact of adjunct instruction on EFL academic writing at university
    Helena Roquet Pugès , Noelia Navarro Gil Florentina Nicolás-Conesa
  • 11 December 2023

  • Cognitive processes and strategies of bilingual students when attempting assessments in an L2
    Xing San Teng , Janet Hsiao Yuen Yi Lo
  • 10 November 2023

  • Editorial
    JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 145–147
  • 19 October 2023

  • Academic achievement of minority home language students with special education needs in English language of instruction and French immersion programs
    Ann Sutton , Fred Genesee , Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird , Xi Chen , Tamara Sorenson Duncan , Stephanie Pagan Joan Oracheski | JICB 12:1 (2024) pp. 1–24
  • 5 October 2023

  • Emma Dafouz Ute Smit . 2023. Researching English-Medium Higher Education: Diverse Applications and Critical Evaluations of the ROAD-MAPPING Framework
    Reviewed by Rhona P. Lohan | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 287–291
  • 15 September 2023

  • “Fingers which mean นิ้ว นิ้วแบบนิ้วมือ” : Pre-service EFL teachers’ translanguaging beliefs and practices in Thai language-driven CLIL classrooms
    Nutthida Tachaiyaphum , Laura Gurney Nicola Daly | JICB 12:1 (2024) pp. 25–48
  • David Lasagabaster . 2022. English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education
    Reviewed by Tatjana Bacovsky-Novak Christiane Dalton-Puffer | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 283–286
  • 14 September 2023

  • CLIL teacher beliefs as they emerge working in tandem
    Ene Alas , Aleksandra Ljalikova Merle Jung | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 229–254
  • The communicative CLIL classroom : Insights into heterogenous learners’ spoken communication in English about art in Swiss primary schools
    Silvia Frank Schmid | JICB 12:1 (2024) pp. 49–74
  • 12 September 2023

  • Swedish immersion in Finland and Swedish as a second-language subject in Sweden : Teacher perspectives from two primary schools
    Christina Hedman Ulrika Magnusson | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 255–282
  • 24 August 2023

  • SIOF : Towards a research-based pedagogical tool for language sensitive teaching in secondary CLIL and immersion settings
    Breandán Mac Gearailt , Gerry Mac Ruairc Clíona Murray | JICB 12:1 (2024) p. 75
  • 25 May 2023

  • CLIL in Spain and Vietnam : Different contexts, different patterns of corrective feedback
    Thuy Nguyen Ana Llinares | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 148–172
  • 10 May 2023

  • (Re)construction of teacher identities in a soft-CLIL context
    Erhan Gülşen Kenan Dikilitaş | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 204–228
  • 26 April 2023

  • CLIL Implementation in Greece : Empirical Findings from 2006 to 2020
    Sotiria Varis | JICB 11:2 (2023) pp. 173–203
  • 20 April 2023

  • Editorial
    JICB 11:1 (2023) pp. 1–3
  • 21 November 2022

  • Editorial
    JICB 10:2 (2022) pp. 147–152
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